Saurabh Chandrakar Analysis of castrol india dividend record date 2024

About Castrol India

Castrol India has one of the largest manufacturing and marketing networks amongst lubricant companies in India. Our three manufacturing plants located at Silvassa, Patalganga and Paharpur are supported by a strong distribution network reaching over 105,000 retail outlets serviced through 420 distributors nationally.

Castor India Dividend Announcement

Company announced a dividend of Rs 4.5 per share on 1 Feb, 2024 with record date of 21 Mar, 2024.

Dividend history for Castrol India Ltd.

Castrol India Ltd. has declared 49 dividends since Aug. 8, 2000.
In the past 12 months, Castrol India Ltd. has declared an equity dividend amounting to ₹6.50 per share.
At the current share price of ₹208.9500, Castrol India Ltd.’s dividend yield is 3.11%.


Ex-DateDividend AmountDividend TypeRecord DateInstrument Type
21 Mar 20244.50FINAL21 Mar 2024Equity Share
08 Aug 20233.00INTERIM08 Aug 2023Equity Share
04 May 20233.50FINAL04 May 2023Equity Share
08 Aug 20223.00INTERIM10 Aug 2022Equity Share
02 Jun 20223.00FINAL Equity Share
11 Aug 20212.50INTERIM12 Aug 2021Equity Share
22 Apr 20213.00FINAL Equity Share
05 Nov 20202.50INTERIM06 Nov 2020Equity Share
26 Jun 20203.00INTERIM29 Jun 2020Equity Share
22 Apr 20203.00FINAL Equity Share
08 Aug 20192.50INTERIM09 Aug 2019Equity Share
09 May 20192.75FINAL Equity Share
09 Aug 20182.25INTERIM10 Aug 2018Equity Share
25 Apr 20182.50FINAL Equity Share
05 Sep 20174.50INTERIM06 Sep 2017Equity Share
22 May 20174.50FINAL Equity Share
07 Mar 20172.00SPECIAL08 Mar 2017Equity Share
05 Aug 20164.50INTERIM08 Aug 2016Equity Share
27 Apr 20165.00FINAL Equity Share
06 Aug 20154.00INTERIM08 Aug 2015Equity Share
06 May 20154.00FINAL Equity Share
04 Aug 20143.50INTERIM05 Aug 2014Equity Share
02 May 20143.50FINAL Equity Share
06 Aug 20133.50INTERIM07 Aug 2013Equity Share
12 Apr 20133.50FINAL Equity Share
20 Jul 20127.00INTERIM23 Jul 2012Equity Share
30 Mar 20128.00FINAL Equity Share
22 Aug 20117.00INTERIM23 Aug 2011Equity Share
13 Jun 20118.00FINAL Equity Share
20 Jul 20107.00INTERIM21 Jul 2010Equity Share
22 Feb 201015.00FINAL Equity Share
31 Jul 200910.00INTERIM03 Aug 2009Equity Share
06 Apr 20099.00FINAL Equity Share
08 Aug 20086.00INTERIM11 Aug 2008Equity Share
07 Apr 20089.50FINAL Equity Share
07 Aug 20074.50INTERIM08 Aug 2007Equity Share
05 Apr 20075.00FINAL Equity Share
27 Jul 20064.00INTERIM28 Jul 2006Equity Share
31 Mar 20064.25FINAL Equity Share
22 Jul 20054.00INTERIM25 Jul 2005Equity Share
24 Mar 20054.25FINAL Equity Share
02 Aug 20044.00INTERIM03 Aug 2004Equity Share
13 Apr 20044.25FINAL Equity Share
04 Aug 20034.00INTERIM05 Aug 2003Equity Share
23 May 200312.50FINAL Equity Share
30 Jul 20020.00FINAL Equity Share
23 Jan 20020.00INTERIM05 Feb 2002Equity Share
04 May 20010.00FINAL Equity Share
08 Aug 20000.00INTERIM23 Aug 2000Equity Share

Castrol India Dividend Amount, Announcement ,

At its Board of Directors meeting on February 1, 2024, Castrol India Limited proposed a final dividend of INR 4.50 per equity share with a face value of INR 5 each for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2023, pending approval by shareholders at the 46th Annual General Meeting. 

The company designated Thursday, March 21, 2024, as the record date for determining entitlement to the final dividend for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2023. Pending shareholder approval, the dividend is scheduled to be disbursed on or before April 26, 2024.

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